The Shaun Jai Project is dedicated to providing a platform for others to gain experience and exposure, while showcasing the artistry and businesses within our communities.

Our goal is to work in partnership with local businesses and community leaders to create events that inspires, informs, and strengthen our communities.

The purpose of our events is to also enlighten our community on such issues as teen suicide, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, and other issues that are plaguing our communities.

Every event holds a special place in Shaun Jai's heart as she is equally passionate about each one. As a teenager she contemplated committing suicide, which is why she created the #SmileDepression Campaign. Her hope is to one day being afforded the opportunity to having this campaign in every Middle and High School in the state of Maryland.

Shaun Jai has been an innovator for over 20 years, producing fashion shows, talent showcases, and opening the door for many to explore their gifts and talents.

She recently received the following awards for her dedication to her community:

Community Development Award (2017)
Rising Star Award (2017)
2017 Community Leadership of the Year Award
2017 Humanitarian of the Year Award
Entrepreneur | Motivational Speaker
Community Activist | Writer
2018 Upcoming Events...

February 10th… Inspire Awards

March 10th … DMV's Lip Sync Battle

May 12th… Vendors Boutique & Artist Showcase

July 14th… Health & Wellness Revival

September 8th … "We Rock the District" For the Awareness & Prevention of Teen Suicide

December 8th… "Stop Giving Your Shit Away" An Empowerment Conference