The Shaun Jai Project
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As a young woman she has always had a mind and heart for the homeless. In 2008 in her home church she began the initiative to feed the homeless Thanksgiving dinner, calling on church members, friends, and family to make homemade dishes and deserts. She invited homeless guest from within her church community and serve them a hot and delicious meal.

From then she began packing 100 bags of lunches to take to the downtown area of  Washington, DC, where she along with volunteers distributed the bags at local parks where homeless people congregate.

Each lunch bag consist of....

Fruit Cup
Bottle of Water
Message of Hope

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Activist For Homelessness...
Every 4th Saturday of the month The Shaun Jai Project alone with community volunteers come together and pack 100 bags of lunches to distribute to homeless men, women, and children in Washington, DC.

Date: Every 4th Saturday of the Month
Time: 10:00 am
Location: 6725 Suitland Road - Suite 201 - Morningside, MD 20746

Donations Needed...

Your donation will assist us with purchasing groceries and other items that are needed to make our project a success.

Our grocery list consist of...

12 Loaves of Bread
Lunch Meat
100 Packs of Mayo/Mustard
100 Fruit Cups
100 Bags of Chips
100 Bottles of Water
100 Sandwich Bags
100 Paper Bags
100 Spoons
Box of Gloves

It takes about $300 per month to feed 100 homeless men, women, and children. To make a financial contribution and/or become a volunteer please contact us at

***For information on hypothermia shelters, including locations and transportation to and from each site, call the DC shelter hotline at 1-800-535-7252. Be a good neighbor - save this number on your cell phone in case you see someone in need!

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