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We welcome you and invite you to learn more about this young lady and all the great things that she is doing within and for our community. From speaking out on issues such as Teen Suicide, Abuse, Low Self Esteem, to feeding the homeless, to encouraging confidence within our youth. Ms. Shaun Jai is a force to be reckoned with. She is a business woman, a fashion show producer, an activist for the homeless, and an advocate for our youth. She has a heart of gold and loves to motivate and encourage others to reach and strive towards their full potential.

Shaun Jai was born in Washington, DC. From the stories that had been told, she was a very active child with a personality that would light up any room. Even as a child she was an entrepreneur. She sold newspapers, books, she ran a candy store out of her parents kitchen, and she even started a Kids Club within in her neighborhood in the clubhouse she built in her parents backyard. Although spunky, she learned at a very early age how dark the world could be. Between the ages of five and eight is when the darkness of the world interfered with her thoughts and happiness as a child.

Between the ages of five and eight she had been molested three times on three separate occasions, by three different individuals. Life had already taken a toll on Shaun before even reaching Middle School.

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Without any outlets and no one to release the pain and frustration that evilness had given to her, she learned at a very early age that her fist could deliver her a sense of release. From Elementary School throughout Middle School, and until High School she fought, releasing her anger on anyone that stepped in her way, whether she felt threatened or not.

During Middle School she contemplated committing suicide. She felt like no one in the world cared if she existed or not. She thought that death was her only way to escape all of her pain and frustrations. It was her best friend that removed those thoughts from her mind with one simple gesture (love). She also began to write poems and short stories to relieve some of the frustrations of life.

It was in High School that she learned her first lesson of her worth. It was her tenth grade year and she was now being transferred to her third High School. It was at Forestville High School that the principal told her, he did not want her in his school because of her record. As her heart began to drop out of her chest, his very next sentence was, “because of your test scores I am going to give you one chance" And he allowed her to register in his school, with one warning "Do not mess it up!”

Shaun realized that someone cared enough for her to give her one more chance and she instantly began to turn her life around. She became an honor roll student, joined the basketball team, received her Gold Award in Girl Scouting, joined the Student Government Association, and the Pep Squad. She was extremely proud of her accomplishments.

During her twelfth grade year her grandmother passed and life seemed to get dark once again. She was offered a scholarship to play basketball but do to the stress of her grandmother passing she began having panic attacks. And she lost the scholarship. She completed high school and went on to college. During her freshman year in college she was raped in her dorm room by a stranger that she had allowed to wait in her room as a favor to her dorm mate. After that incident she began to call on God and the phrase, “Lord I know you would not put any more on me than I can bear” began to be her strength. With that phrase ringing in her heart she was able to complete her freshman year of college.

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Shaun Jai is now a Mother, Business Owner, Advocate for Our Youth, Activist for Homelessness, as well the Director of the Gathering Youth Ministry (G.Y.M.) at The Gathering International Worship Center. As you can see Shaun's past did not hold her hostage to it. She uses's her past to educate and inspire others that God can do anything, even save, deliver, and restore someone as broken as she once was.

Ms. Shaun is also in the beginning stages of writing her very first book about her life as a child. She hopes that her readers will learn that through any circumstance and situation that they can make it and still be productive citizens in our society.  She hopes that women both young and old will realize their worth and learn that no matter what the devil attempted to do to tear them down, to shame them, to destroy them… God will never allow him to take your worth!!!

You will often hear her state, that we are to teach from our past and not live in it!!!

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