The Shaun Jai Project
"Innovative Leadership Inspiring Change"
As a result of being molested three times as a child and raped during her freshman year in college, dealing with the feelings of frustration, neglect, and not feeling loved as a young person, Ms. Shaun Jai created The Shaun Jai Project.  The purpose of this organization is to give our youth a voice. Shaun is often heard stating, “Who will speak for our youth?”

Through this project she hopes to incorporate a safe haven for children and teens from all walks of life.

Some of her goals for 2016-2017 are to:

Become a Non-Profit Organization
Hold Monthly Speak Outs (geared towards Children & Parents)
Sponsor Teen Events (bowling, skating, swimming, museums,)
Hold Monthly Workshops to include Special Guest Speakers
Provide Community Service Hours
Create an Internship Program
Create a College Scholarship Program
And So Much More…

For More Information and/or Speaking Engagements:

Mobile Business: 240.468.8964


A Community Organization Dedicated To Providing Awareness Of The Issues Rising In Our Community, To Our Community.
Advocate For Our Youth...
The Urban Runway Project

This program was created in 1996 to give our youth of all sizes an opportunity to walk the runway.  Since then it has grown to an organization that not only rips the runway but also educates our audience on issues that our young people are facing today, such as, teen suicide, rape, molestation, drugs, alcohol, HIV/AIDS, low self esteem, and so much more.

Our mission is to open our doors to our youth, to expose them to fashion, modeling, dance, and art. We are an organization that is dedicated to providing inspiring models with the opportunity to gain experience and exposure to the fashion industry.

We teach our models how to properly walk the catwalk, how to effectively sell designer’s merchandise, and how to market themselves within the fashion industry.

We also install in them the confidence that is required to become not only a model but also a productive citizen. While also teaching them life skills, such as; public speaking, resume building, how to interview, and so much more. We offer professional modeling training with an urban flare, combining modeling, dance, and an artistic expression of one’s self. Our goal is to give each model the platform to creatively express themselves, through fashion, modeling, dance, and art.

Our goal is to explore, discover, and build their artistic talents while having fun, meeting new friends, and building lifetime memories.

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We Rock The District

We Rock The District is an annual event where our community come together to celebrate our local artist. Our mission is to provide a platform for local artist to showcase their talent and skill. Our goal for our events are to gain the sponsorship and national recognition for not only our event but for those that participate and are passionate about their craft.

There is truly a wealth of undiscovered talent as well as the lack of support within our own community. Our goal is to change that!!! We all remain individuals doing good things, until we come together and become a team and make good, great!!!

Not only is it our mission to entertain our audience, but it is also our mission to educate our audience on those issues that are rising amongst our youth... Such as teen suicide, rape, abuse, molestation, teen pregnancy, diseases, and so many others.

Our goal is to bring together a community of support. To show that we can as a community can come together, support and uplift one another.

We are searching the DMV in hopes to find the best talent as well as to open the doors for new talent.

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"Our Youth Are An Example Of Our Love"

Among 10 to 24 year-olds, homicide is the leading cause of death for African Americans; the second leading cause of death for Hispanics; and the third leading cause of death American Indians and Alaska Natives. Click here to learn more...